our direct path wholesale program

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to put a smile on someones face. For us it’s that first time when someone realizes they can drink black coffee. It’s as if their eyes were opened to something totally new and exciting. That’s been the goal all along, to provide our customers with unique but approachable coffees that are delicious in their own special way. Coffee that is sweet, well balanced and full of unique flavor that you need to go back for more.

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In addition to the coffee itself, we love to help you achieve greatness when brewing. It’s well known that even the best coffees can be brewed poorly, resulting in unpleasant flavors. There is a lot that proper brewing technique and extraction knowledge can help you do to make a coffee taste wonderful. We want to be that knowledge center for you.

We’d love to hear from you, but to get you started here are some things we strive for in our Direct Path Wholesale program.

  • A love of coffee and great coffee service.
  • Access to theLAB. Our fully stocked training and educational space.
  • When possible, we source coffee that we have a personal connection to.
  • Personal delivery within 35 miles of our roastery.
  • A focus on sourcing from coffee’s greatest regions in Africa, Central America, South America and Indonesia.
  • A drive to always improve on how we develop our coffees so you can extract them with delicious results.
  • A tailored coffee program for your business that will help you succeed.

Finca Monteverde – El Salvador 2018 Sourcing Trip

Below are photos from my 2018 sourcing trip to El Salvador where I met the German Zelayandia and his father-in-law Rene Contreras. Mr. Rene, as everybody calls him, talked about the history of their farm Monte Verde, the people that work with them throughout the year and the methods they use to produce their wonderful coffee.

To learn more about my trip to El Salvador click here.