welcome to path coffee roasters

Owner Jason Richter In The Path Coffee Roasters Training Lab In Port Chester, Ny

My name is Jason Richter, and coffee has been in my DNA from the very beginning. As a 4th generation roaster, I remember my father coming home with the smell of roasted coffee on his shirt and sitting around a cupping table while a group of men slurped through samples.

These are the memories that have informed who I am today and how I approach my coffee. With Path Coffee Roasters, I want to provide the experience of familiarity with a unique twist just under the surface. I’m searching for clarity of flavor, sweetness, overall presence in the cup, and a body that pleasantly lingers on the tongue. At Path Coffee, I roast all our coffee in Port Chester, not far from where my father grew up.

What’s my number one priority? To deliver an exciting yet familiar flavor to my customers, in addition to searching for coffees that I believe epitomize a particular region.

It’s through Path Coffee Roasters that I can bring the flavors and experiences that I really appreciate, to your cup. We look forward to roasting for you soon.

Thank you for exploring our coffees and we hope to roast for you soon. If you have any questions you can always reach out at info@pathcoffees.com or call 888.649.1386 (M-F 9am-6pm).