private label Dropshipping coffee program

Private label dropshipping coffee couldn’t be smoother with our quick, convenient, and cost-effective coffee drop shipping program. If you have a desire to jump into the coffee business, this is the program for you. Path Coffee Roasters can do all the heavy lifting from sourcing, blending, roasting, packing, and fulfilling all your coffee orders as they come in.

Now is the time to increase your income with a low risk business. To learn even more before you jump in please visit our blog page for valuable articles on dropshipping, and our YouTube page for recent vidoes. We look forward to working with you on this new and exciting journey.


Our dropshipping process is very easy to sign up for and get going. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to get the ball rolling with your private label dropshipping coffee business.

  1. Fill in the form below with your name and email. You will receive an automated FAQ email from us with very in-depth information about our dropshipping program including important links to our account setup form and seasonal menu with wholesale pricing.
  2. Fill in our account setup form in full and submit it to our dropshipping team.
  3. If you are going to have us print your custom labels then you’ll need to submit our label template setup form.
  4. Purchase samples so you can try all our coffees and decide what you want to sell in your private label coffee brand.
  5. You will receive an email from your account representative to walk you through the rest of the set up process.

top 6 questions & answers about our dropshipping program

How Am I Charged For Coffee & Shipping

If you are doing your dropshipping fulfillment with Path, we will pull reports from ShipStation and charge your card on file. The charge will be for the coffee and the exact amount of shipping it cost us to send your packages. We will provide you with the same documents we use to assess these fees in your invoice, so you have them for your records.

How Do You Receive Orders

If you are using our dropshipping fulfillment services, then we will connect your website to our ShipStation account. Then, as orders flood in, they kick over to us, and we see everything we need to fulfill the order and ship it out. If, however you want to send us a particular order or want to order in bulk, then please send us an email to, and we will take care of it for you.

Is The Shipping Label And Packing Slip Branded?

Yes, we can use your logo on the packing slip we put into each order. Also, the shipping label will say your company name but use our address in case of a return. One of the great benefits of using our private label coffee dropshipping program is the branding opportunities we offer through Shipstation.

Are All Your Coffees Seasonal?

All of our gourmet artisan roasted single origin coffees are seasonal and do change throughout the year. Some we purchase more than others, depending on assumed demand. Others we are buying in smaller quantities, and once they are gone, we might look for a similar coffee, but that isn’t guaranteed. Concerning our blends, we try to maintain a similar flavor profile month to month, but we are using our seasonal single-origin coffees to accomplish that. 

Do You Provide All The Content For My Site

At this time you are required to create your own content, though you can use our site content as a guide, you must re-write it as original content for your site or any marketing materials. For tasting notes and single-origin names, you can use the same ones we have if you like or change them for your brand.

Once Orders Come In How Quickly Do You Ship?

Once we receive a dropshipping coffee order, we endeavor to ship it within three to four business days. All orders are packaged right before shipping. If we receive the order on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, then it will be shipped Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. At this time, all orders are shipped primarily via USPS, UPS or DHL (International only).

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