What are the most important financial benefits of a dropshipping business

Dropshipping offers a wide range of financial benefits to the new start-up business. At the time of writing this article, many people are looking for ways to earn extra income without a significant financial outlay upfront. 

Below are some key reasons you should consider a coffee business using our custom dropshipping program and earn additional income. 

No Manditory Recurring Fees For Dropshipping Customers

Other than setting up your site, hosting, or developing a brand identity, Path Coffee Roasters does not charge any recurring monthly fees. Unlike others who claim to have a dropshipping program, we have the experience and past successes to know that we don’t need to charge a recurring fee. We do charge a one-time non-refundable fee to get your entire store set up on our end so that you can start selling as soon as possible. This includes access to a real person who is your account executive, and who will work with you to set everything up. In addition, if you want us to print your labels on-demand in-house then there is a label template setup fee as well.

No Inventory to Maintain as a Dropshipping Customer

What could be better than having a company that takes on no inventory? I certainly can’t think of one, except for the Path Coffee Roasters’ dropshipping program. When you start your coffee business with us, unless you want to, we do all the heavy lifting. We will receive your orders, roast, pack, and ship directly to your customer. You never touch a bag, and you don’t have any upfront costs to build that inventory. 

Connect to Our Shipstation Account For Easy Fulfillment

We receive your orders through a connection to our ShipStation account. Shipstation is a service that helps us receive orders and offer a full-service dropshipping program to you. This means your customers have a great experience from order one. To connect your site is a breeze, and as long as we have all the correct info, it takes only a few minutes. Once we are connected, we’ll have you make a test purchase with an actual item, and if that comes through correctly, we’re all set to go.

Pay As You Go

Twice a week we tally up the bags we shipped, and the exact cost of shipping and charge your card on file. Attached to your invoice are the same documents we used to calculate your weekly cost from ShipStation.

No Stress Business

Dropshipping can be an excellent way to earn some additional income. Once you’ve set up your site and started to market your coffee brand, you can solely focus on building your brand and meeting with potential clients. Path Coffee Roasters will have your back and support your growth in every way possible. 

Custom Labels Printed On Demand = No Waste

Once we design your label and create the template we print your labels on our printer as we need them. This keeps waste to a minimum and has no upfront cost to you. No need to order labels or have them pre-printed, ever.

To see what we’re up to, please visit our Instagram page @pathcoffee. Also, if you’d love to view our YouTube channel, you’ll get fresh content on dropshipping, coffee knowledge, brewing, and more.

Path Coffee Roasters is located in Port Chester, NY where we roast and package all our coffees on a weekly basis for our wholesale, retail and dropshipping customers.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

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  1. Roy Goldstein says:

    there is no stress to keep a huge stock in hand with is probably the best thing of this business model. a lot of people join this business just because of this thing but there is also a lot of complex things involve in this business. thanks a lot for sharing this article!

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