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11 Steps to Setting Up A Superior Private Label Dropshipping Coffee Business Now!

You love coffee; you love the idea of having your own private label dropshipping coffee business, now comes the challenge of figuring out how to marry the two. Some people think buying green coffee and roasting it themselves is the only way to build their brand and control the process. Others look at their skillset and decide that sourcing green coffee, roasting it precisely, packaging it, and shipping it to the customer isn’t the best use of their time and capital. 

What We Offer Our Dropshippers

As a specialty-focused coffee fulfillment company, we think the second option makes the most sense. There aren’t many coffee dropshipping suppliers capable of doing what we do. Path Coffee Roasters can do all the green coffee sourcing, roasting, packaging, and dropshipping, and you can focus on building a great site, marketing, and building relationships with local businesses.

One way we help is by providing as much information upfront as possible. There can never be too much information when deciding to start a business, and that’s what this is. If you are not interested in putting in the work, then seriously consider an alternative business or none at all. While dropshipping in and of itself is quite easy and low cost, having the motivation to succeed is essential. Otherwise, why do it in the first place?

How do you get started, you’re wondering? Here is a quick list of what we believe you need to start your private label dropshipping coffee business and avoid any brewed awakening.

That’s right, brewed awakening.

Here are 11 easy steps to starting your private label dropshipping coffee business

Why should this process be difficult? We’ve put together a list and it’s only eleven essential steps to setting up your very own private label dropshipping coffee business online.

  1. Please choose your company name and get it registered. You don’t want to spend time and money to start your private label dropshipping business and find out that someone else owns your name and is coming to shut you down. 
  2. Secure the domain name and any others that you might use in the future. Domains are like real estate; they aren’t making more, so get yours quickly. 
  3. Start building out your site. We recommend either Shopify or Woocommerce because they offer the best integration with Shipstation, the program we use to receive and ship your orders. Woocommerce is the plugin we also use for our site, so we can help walk you through that integration and suggest specific plugins to maximize your service if you like. 
  4. Research your private label dropshipping coffee market and understand who your target audience/customer is. Start tailoring your marketing to that customer through social media, word of mouth, direct connection, and even paid advertising as needed. 
  5. If you are in the US, get your Tax ID number so we can sell you coffee as a wholesale customer. We will need this information as part of our setup process. We are sorry but we can only work with real businesses, not individuals who just want to buy coffee in bulk.
  6. Visit our private label dropshipping coffee page. Fill out the form, and you will receive an automated FAQ email with tons of valuable information on our private label drop shipping program. Also, at the bottom are essential links to other information you’ll need
  7. Purchase your coffee samples and give them a try in the comfort of your home.
  8. Decide on your packaging. There are a few options here, so take your time to decide what is best for your new or existing business. You can watch our coffee packaging video here.
  9. Finalize your labels. Either you can send them to us from a printer, or we can print them out using our label stock on demand. 
  10. Choose the coffee you want to offer, or offer our full menu. Totally up to you and the market you’re going after.
  11. Start selling once we have established the connection between your site and ShipStation. We will also have you do a few test orders to ensure that orders are received correctly.

Now You’re Off To The Races. Let’s Get Selling!

Now you’ve got your business off the ground. Wasn’t that easy? We’ve continually reworked our setup process to make it as painless as possible. To make it even easier, you can actually communicate with a real person. How novel is that? After signing up, you’ll be contacted by your account executive who will walk you through our simple process step by step. We’ve always thought of ourselves as a customer service company that happens to source and roast some pretty great coffees. We want you to succeed so we do our best to help in any way we can.

Well there you have it, a quick outline of the steps you’ll take to get your new or existing private label coffee brand off the ground through our dropshipping program here at Path Coffee Roasters. 

Promoting Your Private Label Coffee Brand

Standing out among other coffee brands will require some hard work. Starting with a good name and some eyecatching design will certainly help. Having a good site with easy navigation and a good UX absolutely is a key to success. But nothing is more important than letting people know you exist and doing that through online marketing and in-person meetings at your local coffee shops, restaurants, and offices. Starting a private label dropshipping coffee business is hard, but with passion and dedication, you can do it.

Make sure to try all the coffees you offer by purchasing them through your site. This way you get wholesale pricing and you can give yourself a 100% discount coupon code so as not to charge your own card. Being able to describe you coffees to a customer and have true passion for the product will help sell it.

To see what we’re up to, please visit our Instagram page @pathcoffee. Also, if you’d love to view our YouTube channel, you’ll get fresh content on dropshipping, coffee knowledge, brewing, and more.

Path Coffee Roasters is located in Port Chester, NY, where we roast and package all our coffees weekly for our wholesale, retail, and dropshipping customers.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

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