What's In Your DNA?

My name is Jason Richter, and coffee has been in my DNA from the beginning. As a 4th generation roaster, I remember my father coming home with the smell of roasted coffee on his shirt and sitting around a cupping table while a group of men slurped through samples. These memories have informed who I am today and how I approach my coffee.

As a family-run business, my wife Shani and I work together to support our customers and provide them with the quality service and coffee they expect.

With Path Coffee Roasters, we want to provide the experience of familiarity with a unique twist just under the surface. 

One of my primary jobs is to search for coffees that work for our customer’s needs and our desire to provide excellent quality. 

The focus has always been on sourcing coffee that has a clarity of flavor, sweetness, and an overall presence in the cup. In addition, we want to offer coffees that are a pleasure to drink morning, noon, and night, black or however you take it.

Our menu is curated to offer different flavors for different needs. We have lightly roasted coffee from Africa to accentuate those bright floral and fruit characteristics, medium roasted coffees from Central and South America to enhance those chocolate and stone fruit notes, and our version of a dark roast from Indonesia that has a pleasant hint of smoke but never bitter or over roasted. We also have year-round blends made up of our seasonal single-origin coffees to round out any coffee program.

We roast all of our coffee on the Loring S15 roaster. This state-of-the-art coffee roaster uses recirculating hot air to roast each coffee in a gentile, repeatable manner, meaning each batch is virtually identical. 

Thank you for exploring our selection of coffees, and we look forward to roasting for you soon.

If you have any questions, contact us at info@pathcoffees.com or call 888.649.1386 (M-F 10 am-5 pm EST).